Want to add more color to your landscape this season? Start by incorporating one or more of these stunning landscaping plants into your plan.

Deciding which plants to use for your home’s landscape can be a challenge. Many factors must be considered, beyond simply choosing the plants you find to be the most attractive. You’ll need to consider your climate and the amount of time you want to devote to maintenance. You’ll also need to find plants suitable for exposure conditions, such as sun or shade or dry or rainy weather.

Additionally, you should think about what you want your plants to achieve. Are you looking to add shade or privacy to your property? Do you want something fragrant and colorful that will attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife? You should also select landscape plantings that reflect the style of your garden. Most plants suitable for a quaint cottage-style garden will look out of place in a garden with the sultry Mediterranean or tropical theme.

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