General and Vendor Q&A

General FAQ

1.    What did the Company announce?

       Azure Midstream Partners, LP announced that it has commenced cases under Chapter 11 of the

       United States Bankruptcy Code.

2.   Is the Company going out of business?

      No. The Company is not going out of business and operation will continue in the normal course

      during the case. The Company anticipates filing a motion to approve procedures for a sale of all

      or substantially all of its assets, as well as a Chapter 11 plan and accompanying disclosure

      statement shortly after the “first day” hearing.

3.   Will this affect the Company's operations?

      No. Operations will continue without interruption during this process.

4. Will Azure Midstream Holdings, LLC file a Chapter 11 case?


5. Which entities are included in the Chapter 11 cases?

      Azure Midstream Partners, LP and certain of its subsidiaries are included in the filing. The

      Holdings entities are not part of the cases.

6. Where can I get further information about the filing?

      Information on the restructuring is available at

7. When will the Company file its 2016 10-K?

      The Company intends to file the 10-K prior to the filing deadline.

Vendor FAQ

8. Will vendors continue to be paid?

      If you are a vendor or supplier who is paid through Azure Midstream Partners, these

      proceedings should not impact the Company’s ability to uphold its agreements with vendors or

      suppliers going forward. Azure will continue to pay for goods and services in the usual manner.

      Moreover, the Company will ask the Bankruptcy Court for authority to pay any amounts owed

      as of the date of the Chapter 11 filing and in accordance with current terms, so far as those

      terms remain in place. The Company anticipates receiving approval from the Court to pay these


9. Why should vendors continue to do business with the Company?

      Going forward, Vendors will be paid for goods and services in the normal course of business

      without interruption. The Company is also seeking authority to pay any amounts owed as of the

      date of the Chapter 11 filing in full and anticipates receiving approval to pay such amounts. We

      value our on-going relationship with you and our focus remains on delivering excellent project

      execution and safety performance for our customers.

10. Will the Company renegotiate terms with vendors?

      The Company may renegotiate terms with its suppliers on a case by case basis because of

      business conditions, not because of the restructuring.

11. When will vendors be paid past due amounts?

      We anticipate paying past due amounts within the next few weeks. We apologize for any


12. Will the Company reduce or discontinue ordering supplies?

      The Company anticipates continuing to order supplies based on customer demand and market